Panamanian government was received by the prime minister Mark Rutte and Your Majesty the King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

The focus topics during this official visit are to strengthen the relationships both countries currently maintain and to expand the cooperation in agro logistics, connectivity and water treatments.

With the opening of the first Agro Logistics Office Panama is looking to increase its exports into Europe and consolidate the country as a Food Hub that aggregate value to the Panama Canal
The Netherlands on the other side will support Panama through formation of professional in Food Safety and the agro-industry
Both countries also show interest in increasing the connectivity between the Netherlands Caribean island in order to increase the mobilization of more than 9 million passengers for the coming years.
For the logistics sector, this means the confirmation of a long stable cooperation between the 2 countries that will increase the cargo and freight industry opening new businesses and expanding the current relations that many Panamanians and Netherlands companies have.