La globalización de los mercados internacionales ha impulsado de manera dinámica la venta de mercancias en más paises y en mayores cantidades aumentando la complejidad de las transacciones y acresentando los malos entendidos y costosos litigios cuando no se especifica de manera clara y precisa las obligaciones y riesgos de las partes.

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Panama & China Shaked Hands

Panama has officially established diplomatic relationships with the Republic of China (Popular Republic of China) ¿Why is this important to Panamá? China is currently the strongest economy in the world according to data from the FMI, it is also one of the most populated countries, the second user of the Panama Canal and the main provider of the Colon Free Zone. This will generate great opportunities in the area of technology and logistic, considering that many Chinese companies are looking forward…

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