Freight Forwarder / Cargo and Freight Agents in Panama

Are you planning to ship to Panama or shipping from Panama?
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Whether you are a company interested in shipping your products to Panama, a buyer looking to ship your products from Panama, a company planning to distribute your products withing your customers in the region or an individual planning to move to Panama, you need to make sure you are trusting on a well established company, approved and with the experience that you and your company will need.

Panama Soluciones Logisticas S.A, is an International Freight Forwarder and Cargo Agent ,approved by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) with more than 20 years of experience handling air, sea and road shipments, providing logistics, customs and transportation solutions to customers worldwide that seeks for a logistic partner in Panama.

As part of Global Logistic Networks, we provide a complete set of logistics and shipping solutions to our customers, through our more than 1,000 Freight Forwarders Partners and Cargo Agents worldwide, we are able to handle every part of the transportation and logistic chain, allowing our customers to focus in their core business.

If you are looking for a Freight Forwarder and Cargo Agent company who can handle your logistics and transportation needs in the most reliable and honest way, don't loose more time, allow us to put in your hands the best solutions for you and your company.

Cargo Shipping Services in Panama

Some of the logistic and transportation solutions provided by our cargo company as International Freight Forwarders are:

  • Shipping ocean freight cargo in Panama
  • Shipping air freight cargo in Panama
  • Warehouse and Distribution of cargo in Panama
  • Boats and Vehicle Transportation and custom clearance in Panama
  • Custom Broker Service in Panama
  • Motorcycle Transportation in Panama

We are also members of an International Network of Movers, allowing us to ensure a high quality service in our international transportation of personal effects. Some of our customers are normally:

    • Moving to Panama from the US
    • Moving from Panama to the US
    • Moving to Panama from Venezuela
    • Moving from Panama to Venezuela
    • Moving to Panama from Canada
    • Moving from Panama to Canada
    • Moving to Panama from Germany
    • Moving from Panama to Germany
    • Moving to Panama from Sweeden
    • Moving from Panama to Sweeden
    • Moving to Panama from Spain
    • Moving from Panama to Spain


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